The energy autarc and carbon neutral village in the Burgwald forest

Using renewable energy sources for the production of heat and electric power saves fossile energy sources and reduces the carbon dioxid emission.

The citizens of Oberrosphe have the goal to supply their village with green energy. For this they founded in 2007 a Bioenergy cooperative (Bioenergiedorf Oberrosphe eG).

In April 2008 started the construction of a wood chip fired heating plant, a storage hall and a 7 km long hot water pipe net. The system went live in October 2008. About 130 houses are currently connected.

Our yearly reduction of the CO2-emission by saving 300 000 l heating oil is 900 t of CO2

Additional electric power production:

2008: 77 kWp Photovoltaic modules on the roofs of the power plant and storage hall

2009: 78 kWp Photovoltaic modules on rented roofs in Oberrosphe



More Details shows the presentation:

A village is getting rid of oil and gas